I chew a lot of gum.  A lot.  Way too much gum.  I’m trying to cut down on the artificial products I put in my body and gum has a lot.  I’ve cut out coffee and soda, but I can’t cut out the gum yet. I don’t like all of the aspartame in my trusty Orbit gum, so I’ve been trying natural alternatives.  I tried pur gum a few weeks ago and like most of the flavors.  My only issue was it doesn’t last too long.  So, this week I am trying Simply Gum.  I tried the maple flavor this morning and liked it.  It was a little sweet at first, but died away quickly.  I’m not sure I’ll try the fennel licorice, but I’m looking forward to trying the other flavors. Simply Gum isn’t cheap, but they only use six ingredients!