I love you more than any person should.  You are so much more than just a store.  You have the most amazing products all year long, but I am especially fond of you in the fall.  You share my love of all things pumpkin and for that you have my heart.  I’m a huge fan of your pumpkin products:  soup, biscotti, macarons, ice cream, waffles, crackers, pancakes and bread.  I also recently tried your Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Sea Salt Caramels and let me just say perfection! But, your Pumpkin Body Butter has made me so happy this year.  It is thick, but not too thick and super moisturizing.  Plus, it has the added bonus of allowing me to smell my beloved pumpkin all day long! Hopefully, not everyone wants to smell like a pumpkin pie so it doesn’t sell out before I can go back to get another tub of it!
The Ferret…Online