I try not to like Taylor Swift.  I really do.  My dear friend Nicole and her sweet brother took Nicole’s daughter to her concert a few years ago and I thought I couldn’t imagine anything worse and didn’t understand how she was able to convince Marc to go with her.  Even knowing how much he adores his niece.  Her “I’m so surprised I won” act annoys me as does her “dancing like she’s at a rock concert” at every awards show.  Having said that, I kind of admire her for just getting up and rocking out no matter where she is.  I’m not familiar with her entire catalog, but the bubblegum-y tunes I do know are pretty catchy.  It used to annoy me, but I am starting to find it humorous how much she writes about her bad relationships.  I saw a clip of her giving advice to the contestants on The Voice next week and thought she a.) gave good advice and b.) was kind of funny.  So…I guess what I’m saying I think I kind of like her.