I wrote about reusable shopping bags almost an entire year ago, but have not been so great about actually doing it…you know – going into the grocery store and coming out with NO plastic bags. I had two bags – not enough to carry all of my groceries – so, I did not use them as often as I would like. I recently ordered a set of bags from Baggu – with the storage sack and took them to the grocery store last night. I kind of felt like a dork and super cool at the same time. It did take a little bit longer to bag my groceries than it normally would, but it only took THREE bags. I’m sure I would have come home with at least 10 plastic bags – with a few of them double bagged, I’m sure. Baggu bags are awesome! They are very lightweight, but hold so much. They are designed to sit flat on the bottom, but also fold them to almost nothing. They offer tons of color choices and they are washable. I will tell you that the site is a bit slow, but totally worth dealing with to get these great bags.