I know that it is not always the best idea to exfoliate every day…it can be drying and irritate your skin…I know this, but I can’t help it. I love the way my skin feels after using a good exfoliator. My latest exfoliating obsession is the lip scrub by sara happ. It is truly amazing! I tried tarte’s fRxtion a few months ago; I love many of their products, but did not love this one. I tried it again this week to compare to the lip scrub and there is no comparison. I used both at night before I went to bed…the lip scrub left my lips smooth and soft the next morning but the tarte one left my lips dry, flaky and in need of a good exfoliator. And, even if I do use the lip scrub every day (which I must confess to doing), my lips never feel dry. My lipstick goes on so much better and my lips feel great! My only complaint is that is tastes so wonderful, I have to remind myself to tissue it off and not lick it off.