I love trying new beauty products…makeup, lotions, hair gels and all other fun potions. It is really fun to have friends who share this love. Nicole is usually up for it, but for the last few years she has been on an all natural kick…good for her, but not as much fun for me because I love all products – cheap or expensive. Tanya is another fun product sampler, but she is much smarter than me…right now she is on the “budget plan”. And, then there is Pauline. Pauline is and always will be my partner in crime. We have spent and will continue to spend hours upon hours staring at the shelves at Ricky’s NYC.

Out of nowhere, Susann has become a product junkie! Thrilling for me, but she is far too practical to let it get to the Ilene/Pauline level…However, she did just introduce me to a great new line called L’Avenir. Susann sent me the Healfast Dermasolve that she learned about during a trip to New York. It has worked great on my overly dry knees and elbows. They also have a product that I am dying to try called Instant Manicure.