My friend Tanya has a Save Darfur sticker on her car…here is an actual conversation she had with two guys in a Jeep about it on Sunday after they motioned to her to roll down her window…

Driver: Hey, who’s Darfur?
Tanya: It’s a country.
Driver: Really? Where?
Tanya: In Africa.
Driver: No way…Dude, is something going on there? (said loud enough for the passenger to hear)
Tanya: Genocide. (said in her most you idiot voice…while rolling her eyes)

At which point, she decided she could not take it anymore…said goodbye and rolled up her window. I really think they thought it was something along the lines of the Save Paris crap…her husband Jeff thought it was like Save Ferris, but she assured him they were barely infants when Ferris Bueller came out…