The Mission:

I love the Spinal Tap tee you posted on 4.18.07, but I can’t find anyone who sells stuff like this for a 7 year old girl who wears anything from a size 7 – 10, depending on the brand. Most of these places stop at 4T, some at 6X. It’ like they want to funnel them right from this to Juicy. Yuck. So, Ferret – help! And why do rock star shirts have to be black? She likes to rock – she’s not rebelling against anything yet.

The Solution:

The rock star tees like this Pearl Jam tee by TRUNK, LTD. are great, but they are not exactly inexpensive.

You can also find a surprising amount of fun designs on Café Press. I’m also a big fan of Hiho Batik. And, there is always Ed Hardy.