I know that sounds odd…with brushing at least twice a day, it seems like I would buy toothpaste often…I don’t.

Anyway, I went to buy some today and whoa…what happened??? It is a real challenge to find anything resembling the toothpaste I grew up with…

And all I wanted was Crest or Colgate for sensitive teeth…the store I went to did not have the Crest kind…the Colgate one was a small tube that was sensitive + whitening which seems stupid because the whitening stuff makes my teeth more sensitive…I didn’t want Sensodyne because when you use Sensodyne you have to alternate with another “regular” toothpaste (good luck finding one of those!) so I was forced to buy Aqua Fresh Sensitive, which I have used before, but I’m kind of a Crest girl…well, I used to be when I was still able to recognize Crest!

How does one pick a toothpaste? Dual care whitening or multi care whitening or extra whitening with tartar control? Do I want the micro-cleansing crystals or the rejuvenating effects? And, if I use the Scope flavored toothpaste, do I still need to use Scope? They also have fluoride anticavity in a citrus flavor…citrus????????? And, shouldn’t all Crest toothpaste be anticavity?

Don’t even get me started on Colgate? I’m still too dazed and confused by the Crest section to begin to tell you about what was happening in the Colgate section…

I feel old….

P.S. One more thing…Aqua Fresh has a toothpaste with a thing of floss built into the top. And, if you buy Crest Whitestrips, you get a digital camera (huh????)